Needle Punch Carpets Flooring

When considering flooring, there are countless options. But what if you need something for outdoor use such as in a sports area? Because outdoor flooring must be extremely durable and resistant to adverse weather and sun exposure, needle punch carpets is the best option for your outdoor projects. This carpet is the single most versatile and practical industrial flooring for hard-wearing environments such as garages or warehouses.

To withstand the most difficult scenarios, needle punch carpet is constructed utilizing short staple fibers which are compacted and interlocked with a felting needle. This form of carpeting is made from Polyester material which has high melting point, allowing it to withstand sun exposure without breaking down. Available in a variety of widths as well as carpet tiles, needle punch carpet is the perfect solution not only for outdoor areas but any gymnasium, school or storage area.


Reasons for Choosing Needle Punch Carpets:

  • Ideal for installation in any area where durability and cost-effectiveness is required.
  • Needle punch carpet is agreat optionfor automobiles and boats.
  • The colour and design range is extensive, offering an exciting opportunity for effective and eye-catching designs.

Needle Punch Carpets Flooring Care and Maintenance:

Daily vacuuming of walk-off mats may be necessary for heavy, medium, and light traffic areas. It is also a good idea to vacuum main traffic areas to maintain appearance.