Floor Preparation

On average,carpet, tiles, or other flooring are replaced every 10 to 15 years. However, before the installment process can begin, old floors must be carefully removed to ensure your new floor will last for many years to come.

To successfully remove old flooring, we utilize a variety of tools and equipment which will effectively remove all remnants of the old flooring and provide a smooth, level foundation upon which to work. A clean and prepped surface will then allow us to install your new flooring with greater ease and provide you with a final product you will be proud to show off.

The following are results of floor preparation:

  • Reduction of levels to suit construction needs
  • Preparation of floors for better installment
  • Preparation of defective surfaces
  • Removal of spots in the floor to achieve a given level
Floor Preparation 1

Stages of our Floor Preparation:

Removal of old floor coverings / preparation grinding:
While removing your old flooring, we take great care to avoid damage to the flooring surface while additionally focusing on difficult areas with glue, mortar or grouting remnants. These areas are specifically levelled out to provide a smooth surface.
In preparation for vinyl, carpet or other coverings, we apply a new toppingto old concrete floors.
Floor levelling:
To correct any depressions and bumps, levelling compounds are utilized on uneven concrete floors and exterior surfaces before installation begins.
If your existing concrete flooris worn or scratched, we will restore its look while enhancing its durability through polishing.
General repairs:
If your floor shows signs of cracks, impact damage, raised slabs or separated joints, we will work with you to repair those issues, therefore leaving you with a floor which is not only beautiful but safe for many years to come.