Carpet Tiles Flooring

Thinking about revamping the worn-out carpet in your home or business? Then consider installing carpet tiles. This revolutionary way of installing carpet is the perfect option for any style room and lends itself to a variety of installation methods. Whether you are looking to mix three color tiles or wanting to create a unique floor pattern, carpet tiles allows your creative juices to flow and adds a unique decorating touch to every room.

Because of the diversity of shades and tones found in carpet tiles, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed. To help in your deliberation, JM Flooring will bring samples right to your door, saving you the hassle of having to choose samples at your local hardware store. With the ability to view each sample within the context of their future surroundings, you will be able to experiment with a variety of options until you have your ideal floor. Transform any room instantaneously by simply adding a little touch of color to your floor. Whether you are looking for soft tones for a sophisticated office or bright fun colours for your kids’ room, carpet tiles allow you to explore new options and bring new life to any room.


Reasons to Choose Carpet Tiles Flooring:

Easy Installation :
Carpet tiles are easily installed through interlocking, adhesive or glue free methods and are easier to handle than large rolls of carpet. Additionally, once your new floor is installed, telephone, electrical and other under floor systems will remain easily accessible.

Easy and Cost-efficient Replacements : With carpet tiles, you will never again have to worry about stains and tears. In the event your carpet is ruined, simply replace a tile or section without disturbing the entire room.

Movable Floor System :
Because of its mobility, carpet tiles allow you the relocate your flooring to another home or office. Take your investment with you and enjoy your carpet no matter where life takes you!

Caring for Your Carpet Tile :
Regular vacuuming, will maintain your carpet tiles while specific carpet cleaners are ideal for removing tough stains such as paint, grease, tar, asphalt, etc.